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Alternative 1: Marine Pumpout Listing Link Method

Included in your marine basic pumpout listing:

  • city or nearest city
  • location information
  • Instructions / location name
  • User fee


  • Free

Included in your marine enhanced pumpout listing:

  • everything in the basic listing and:
  • phone number (recommended, optional)
  • web site address, url (recommended, optional)
  • email address (optional)
  • up to 1000 character description of your services
  • No pop ups! Direct link to your web site
  • Unlimited click through's; we do not limit or restrict the number of times your image is clicked!


  • 3 months for $8 ($2.66 per month)
  • 6 months for $12 ($2.00 per month)
  • 9 months for $16 ($1.77 per month)
  • 12 months for $20 $1.66 per month)
  • More than 12 months ($1.50 per month - Best Deal)

Sample enhanced listing

Kelowna, BC

Hwy. 97 Exit 00; 1234 Boating Avenue; on the Eastside of Lake

Sample 123 Boat Park; Sample record for system, Easy pumpout from North, South, East, West; Services include: Boat marina, supplies, dealers, information, services, marine pumpout, etc.; Have a great day Boating! Visit our web site for monthly specials.

More information about this marine pumpout

Free for registered guests or $4.00

(Phone numbers, email address, web address are not included in the FREE marine pumpout listings)

Advertising Policies

  • Setup fee is included, minimum 3 month commitment.
  • No pop-ups! A direct link to your web site.
  • Unlimited click through's, we do not limit or restrict the number of times your ad is clicked.
  • Animated GIF images is acceptable.
  • Rich media (e.g. Flash or HTML) is accepted.
  • Banners must be user-friendly - no audio, no pop-ups, expandable, intensive flashing.
  • Several banners might be used in some cases.
  • Ads incorporating Flash or JavaScript must be submitted for approval.
  • No cancellations will be accepted after the insertion order has started, non-refundable.
  • New advertisers must pay for their first insertion prior to ad being placed on marinepumpouts.com
  • All invoices are payable Net 30 days.
  • Advertisers need to provide the URL (web address) to which the ad should be linked.
  • $30 fee to change your URL to another URL after the original ad has started.
  • $30 fee to change your image to another after the original image has started.
  • marinepumpouts.com reserves the right to refuse any and all advertising and disclaims all responsibilities for claims or statements of facts made by advertisers.

Advertising currently not accepted

  • pop-ups/pop-unders
  • illegal activities
  • annoying/extremely flashing banners
  • gambling
  • adult services
  • other advertising not appropriate at marinepumpouts.com's sole discretion


Statistics will be provided.

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