About marinepumpouts.com

Have you ever needed a place to pump your holding tanks and spent hours looking for a "green" place to do so? Then you found out afterwards that you passed it miles or kilometers ago!

Have you ever wished for a web site for all of your sani pumping needs? Did you forget the url address of a web site?

We did!

We are trying to change the above situations and others by creating a web site with information about marine pumpouts: the locations and the information that boaters like ourselves need.

First of all, an easy web address: www.marinepumpouts.com

Second, with the help of many RVers, the information you need will be available on a web site. (It would be interesting traveling around the country side gathering all the information, but it is too large of a task for one person or even a small team).

As you use this list, please let us know about any changes or additions to the marine pumpout sites you come across on your travels.

Third, being able to select only the region (state / province) you need.

Fourth, make the information available on the web site FREE! I hope to do this via donations and sponsors; if you are interested in supporting marinepumpouts.com, please click the appropriate option on the menu bar.

Fifth, spreading the word by inviting web sites to link to this web site, as a service to their customers, we have many marine web sites linking to us and invite you to do the same on your site.

Only time will tell how well we do. The early indications are that we are on the road to success.

Thank you


PS, We also include RV dump locations for RVers also.

Help keep marinepumpouts.com Free

If you find marinepumpouts.com cost-saving, time-saving, interesting, or just plain great in providing marine pumpout information, you can say "Thanks" -- and encourage further expansion and development -- by clicking the button above and making a contribution via PayPal; $5-$25 is suggested.

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